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Click here to sign up for $75 savings on a water audit that will provide a roadmap to reducing both your water bill and your carbon footprint!

Water Audit

Rogers Remodel performs water audits on homes and businesses in the bay area, working from our headquarters in Marin County. With water as valuable of a commodity as it will be in the near future, the time is now to seriously think water conservation and scheduling a water audit.

Check out this video of Jamie Rogers doing a water audit:

Rainwater Hogs

We are your local company to go to install rainwater hogs. What are rainwater hogs?? Collect your rainwater for household use, save on your bill and save a precious resource. Check out this video:

Rainwater Hogs Installations:

Rogers Remodel has the experience and training. We can set up rainwater collections in your home, check out these videos:

Green Plumbers USA

Rogers Remodel became certified through Green Plumbers USA in the fall of 2008. At that time the owner Jamie Rogers received all 5 certifications that Green Plumbers offered. Since then, Rogers Remodel has become licensed through Green Plumbers. What does that mean for you?  By being licensed, not only is the owner certified, but everyone that works for Rogers Remodel is certified as well. By hiring Rogers Remodel to do your work, you know you are hiring the best in the Bay Area.

As licensed Audit Professionals, we spend a few hours, run tests and search for leaks, review your water bills, have you answer questions on your usage, and produce a report comparing your current usage to your proposed usage. We then make recommendations of different packages to simply and inexpensively retrofit your home.

Water Audit: Benefits

  • By having a water audit performed and making simple changes you could save up to $500 dollars a year.
  • Shower heads we install reduce your carbon footprint by reducing consumption by up to 55 percent.
  • Click here to see some general water and energy saving tips!
Water audits are regularly $250.00 for single family homes, $350 for multi-family homes. Packages are from $60 and up (including install).

Water Audit Special

To help you, your friends, or clients prepare for upcoming drought, Rogers Remodel is offering to perform water audits at a discount until the end of August 2010. Sign up for a $75 water audit coupon!

Water and energy saving tips!
Can we assist you with your green building project today or are you interested in a water audit? Click here to contact us.
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